Who We Are, And What We Do

The Michigan Coalition To Protect Public Rights-Of-Way was formed in 1996 by several Michigan cities interested in protecting their citizens’ control over public rights-of-way, and their right to receive fair compensation from the telecommunications companies that use public property.

PROTEC’s founders were responding to changes in Michigan laws which threatened to give telecommunications companies free, unrestricted access to public roads and easements. Such uncontrolled access threatened (and continues to threaten) the safety, health, and well being of every Michigan resident and business.

Since PROTEC’s formation, the residents and businesses of numerous cities, villages and townships have benefited from the allied efforts of the coalition. PROTEC has represented jurisdictions of all sizes through coordinated lobbying efforts at both the state and federal level.

PROTEC has expanded its efforts to meet the needs of every Michigan city, village and township, including dealing with concerns over public right-of-way usage by gas and electric companies.