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PROTEC and its national expert team, is available to support and consult on any PROTEC Member Municipal project and where desired, provide in depth assist pursuant to a private agreement through its General Counsel.

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Ten Caveats for Cities Considering Municipal Broad Band (BB)

  1. Massive BB improvement is critical and, more fiber is a good thing, especially if it can be done correctly with minimal taxpayer money;
  2. Any careful City attention to BB issues is good, BUT wireless, even fixed wireless, is not a good substitute for fiber in most cases;
  3. Leadership: First and foremost, whatever your community does on BB, many others will be watching. For that reason alone, it is important to “do it right” by hiring Municipal dedicated BB expert engineers and counsel very early in the process, versus self-serving industry related entities who are simply looking to cash in on a project build;
  4. Never use the network builder for your feasibility study and project management;
  5. Cost of installation of fiber typically ranges from $1-2,000 per connection;
  6. There are many Cities nationally and multiple Michigan Cities offering and preserving and assuring services, speeds and rates unparalleled by the private sector...but only when developed correctly;
  7. Be very careful skirting the State Municipal BB Laws and making special deals for ROW access;
  8. Control: In any Municipal BB plan, partnering with a pvt entity must be done with great care. Your goal presumably is better service, full city-wide build-out and affordable rates. If those controls are not spelled out in any agreements, or they do not otherwise remain with the City, you risk creating just another monopoly;
  9. Vet your intended private partner very carefully;
  10. Micro trenching: The jury is still very much out, especially in Northern climates. Vet the long term aspects of the concept carefully.